Saturday, 18 May 2013

More on Google Music - All Access

At Google I/O 2013, an announcement changed Google's Music program. Although what I wrote in my original piece is still true, this service also includes the optional "All Access" feature which allows the user  full access to Google's Music hub.  As an almost direct rival to Spotify, and at a cost of $9.99 per month you can now access almost any sort of music, make playlists, or radio stations of your own choice.

The Google Play Music service looks a little different on the app too.
 Having used this service for a few weeks, I am generally very pleased with the ability to store music virtually.  This currently provides the user with 20,000 track they can store online thus providing a realistic backup service for those treasured tracks or as a simple method of having your music wherever you want it on any device.  The only thing you need is a Google account and unlimited broadband.  Having never subscribed to a service like Spotify it is impossible for me to compare the two effectively.

All I can say is that I am really happy having my music backed up in Google Music and I love the ability to play stuff on any device in the house.  The new interface takes a little time to get use to but does what you would want it to do.  With Apple about to take a bite in the same area as Spotify, they will have a lot to do to beat this I suspect.  I also prefer this in every way to the tired interface of iTunes.