Thursday, 27 September 2012

The iphone Legacy

Should we reconsider our current dating system in the world?

I wonder if we should change from the BC/AD system we currently use to the new iP?

Using the dating system of  iP, there would be BiP and AiP, which would stand for Before and After the iPhone. Currently, if we follow this new time scale, we are currently in 5AiP, as the original iPhone was originally produced in 2007.

The iPhone has become a revolutionary piece of technology, taking the mobile phone from a artefact that allowed the user to make calls and occasionally surf the internet toast fully integrated multimedia device. With an iPhone the user can store data, surf the Web, store music, and Install apps. The app has revolutionized the way we view installing programmes.  No longer are we required to install programmes permanently, instead installing and uninstalling is quick and simple with apps.

There is little doubt that the iPhone set the benchmark that others still try to match. With its fifth iteration, the game of catch up is back on. Other mobile manufacturers are innovating causing Apple to occasionally play catch up, although their phone still retains the number 1 slot.

What is interesting is that other manufacturers produce a new model every three months or so, Apple produces one new model a year. Apple currently sells only one phone.

The iconic status of the iPhone is well founded but it is fascinating that a phone that looks almost unchanged in five year's still commanding such attention and provenance in the mobile market.  This is evidenced by the queues of people outside Apple stores internationally awaiting its arrival.

So the question is, should other manufacturers take Apple's lead, and only focus on one phone design and work specifically on improving the software and hardware this phone?

 If, for example, Samsung concentrated all their efforts on the Galaxy S and poured their resources into just this model and stopped innovation on all their other models, would they make their as convincing an update as Apple do with their new phone?