Thursday, 25 June 2015

Which watch face?

I would not say that having an Android smartwatch gives you unlimited, or even a really good selection of watch faces, but there are enough for at least one to appeal to you. I have assembled my current favourite watch faces. My criteria will undoubtedly be different from yours, and to spell it out, I need a low power consuming watch face (hence black is my preference) and ideally one which is clear at a quick glance and has the main information I require on it.

My current favourite is

Minimus 360

A simple interface with a little colour.  The colour you can change as you can with the date and the battery state which can be included in the background. I prefer analogue watch faces to digital and this is a great simple and effective interface which shows the time as well as other key information. To download Minumus watch face go here.

Luminous watchface by Liongate

This Luminous watch face is simple and effective, it has to extra dials to show the battery of the watch and your phone as well as displaying the date.  Its simplicity is why I like about this watch face most.  It is easy to read in daylight and at night. The only slight niggle is that the date can be obscured by notifications. To download Luminous go here.


Watch Face - Modern Classics

Modern Classics features a  simple and clear watch face which provides the day, date and watch battery charge as standard. For the addition of a few coins you can unlock other features such as the temperature or weather. I like the simplicity and the fact the hands are always clearly visible. to download Modern classics click here.

Angry Birds Aviator Watch Face

Yes, you are correct, Angry Birds have moved from a number of apps to a watch face. The blurb for this says "Pick your favourite Angry Birds character to style your smartwatch with vivid colours and the occasional angry outburst. If it’s a bad day, the birds get more angry. Wait for the clock hands to form an angry frown at 10:10.". Although I love the watch face I have never been able to change it from the standard red one, but that said I have not used it that much. to download it click here.


Like the other watch faces, Speeds provides a clear and crisp interface with the time and key information such as the watch battery state, time, day and date in addition to a speedometer.  This ideal for the sporting person who needs to keep an eye on their speed. to download Speeds click here.

Motorola Minimal watch face

And finally my long term favourite is not available for download unless you have a Moto 360 smart watch as it comes with the watch direct from Motorola.  I am referring to the Minimal watch face. A simple black and which interface with a second hand which you can change the colour and the date which can be added.  It is a classic and a great lesson on how to design a watch face, It is a simple, effective and clean watch face... perfect.

Which is you favourite?  Let me know in the comments.